ALL NEW! SCRIP Online Ordering
1.) Click the link here (at right)
2.) Click the green box to create your member account.
3) Simply complete the basic form and use the password given here (at right)
4.) Begin ordering SCRIP online!

*SCRIP cards will be delivered by SCRIP Coordinator Ksenia Mirly ([email protected])

GIFT CARDS on HAND is a SCRIP year-round program that we offer in which our school makes money (a percentage) from the retailer for the purchase of their gift card. For places that you shop anyway, why not help Immanuel Day School make $$$?

Here's how it works:

1.) You choose from thousands of retailers and restaurants and purchase gift cards for yourself and your family. Note: you can even buy gift cards to major grocery stores. Hey if you're going to spend money there anyway...
2.) Contact Ksenia Mirly, SCRIP/ GIFT CARDS on HAND Coordinator, at [email protected] or (314) 601-5400
3.) You pay the actual gift card amount and GET the full gift card amount! (Example, you pay $25 for a $25 gift card)
3.) Immanuel Day School receives a percentage from the retailer and you get convenient gift cards for you and your family & friends!

and CONTACT Ksenia Mirly when you are READY TO ORDER!

*Gift cards are usually delivered within one week.

Here are just A FEW OF the fabulous retailers/restaurants who offer cards through this fundraising program:

Schnucks            Subway             Macy's               Kohl's       
Dierbergs            Old Navy           Sam's Club      Target
Wal-Mart              Best Buy           Kmart                 Panera Bread/ St. Louis Bread Company       iTunes              Michael's          Bath & Body Works        
Walgreens          CVS                   Pier One            Pottery Barn
Cabela's              L.L. Bean          Land's End       T.J. Maxx
Great Clips         AutoZone          Disney               Marriott Hotels