in Partnership with Food Service Consultants
Effective November 1, 2011, Immanuel is partnering with Food Service Consultants to provide hot lunches to students. The food served meets all USDA guidelines and a complete nutritional analysis for each meal is available in the school office. 

Pre-ordering may be completed online
through the FastDirect system; orders will also be taken each morning as the school day begins.  If you order online via FastDirect, simply write a check for your monthly total to the Immanuel Lunch Fund and drop it by the school office.

Ordering options and portion sizes are as follows:

·          $2.90 for the Preschool & Kindergarten Hot Lunch

·          $3.15 for the 1st – 4th Grade Hot Lunch

·          $3.40 for the 5th – 8th Grade Hot Lunch

·          $3.15 for the “Grab-N-Go” bag lunch (Preschool-8 th Grade)

·          $3.40 for the “Special Salad” (Preschool-8th Grade)

·          $1.50 for a “Extra Entrée”

Lunch purchases (and à la carte milk purchases) will be billed through the school office and should be prepaid. 

A physician’s note is required to alert the lunch staff of food allergies.  There is no cold storage or heating facility available for children’s lunches brought from home.  Parents may include a freezer pack in the lunch box. The required Wellness Policy encourages that lunches include healthy choices. 

The eating of fast food is discouraged.  No carbonated or caffeinated drinks are allowed for normal school lunches.