Parents Supporting Christian Education (P.S.C.E.) is Immanuel’s parent group. Every parent or guardian with a child enrolled at Immanuel is a member, every teacher is a member, and anyone who wishes to promote Immanuel Lutheran Day School is a member.  


 The purpose of P.S.C.E. is to promote the welfare of Immanuel Lutheran Day School by:

  • Promoting the cause of Christian education
  • Cooperating with the congregation and the teaching staff in giving as much as possible to the educational program, financially and otherwise
  • Promoting harmony and cooperation between parents and staff

PSCE operates solely through the support of all the school parents who volunteer their time working for the greater cause of making Immanuel the best Lutheran school in the area. Some areas on which we focus include:


  • Volunteering: Through the “Doing it for the Kids” program, we ask school families to donate eight (8) hours of their time each school year to help make our school the BEST. 
  • Fundraising: We also host several fundraisers throughout each school year to raise money to purchase items for the students and staff of Immanuel which are not in the regular operating budget.
  • Purchasing: In the past two years, over and above our normal operating budget, we were able to purchase the FastDirect system and contribute to the purchase of “Love & Logic” materials. This year we have purchased four portable eBeam Edge interactive whiteboards to be available for use in every classroom
  • Community-Building: We organize and run several fun family activities throughout the year, such as Back to School night, Family Reading night, Special Persons breakfast, and others.


Please prayerfully consider becoming an active member in PSCE! We are here for all the families at Immanuel, and are very excited for the future of Immanuel and PSCE.